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Thursday, April 3, 2008

April News

Hi everyone I cannot believe that we are already into April. I have been very busy with school I just completed my Associates Degree last month and now I am onto the BA program for my CIS. Yes I am a programmer by day and a clothing line owner by night! lol. So with that said I am currently taking three classes and really enjoying them however leaves me tired but not out. Troy and I have been working on a few ideas for a new design or two and I have some other promising news. We will be unveiling the new Rhinestone designs of Puregoddess very soon! They look so good and they will be in time for summer. So now you can have your bling on! As any Puregoddess should have. Still working on the new shopping cart for Puregoddess but there are only so many hours of the day. I have a sneak peak at the Puregoddess new shirts coming very soon. Take a look! Hope you are all enjoying your April so far.


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