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Friday, November 21, 2008

Puregoddess's First Fashion Events

Well last weekend was a very busy one for us here at Puregoddess. We had two back to back events and spent the last three weeks preparing for it. The events were a very good practice run for us. We got to learn how to set up displays, how to run with heavy boxes and how the art of arriving early is a good thing! There were many mistakes, hot and tense moments but through it all I had a good time. Tamara was a major trooper and pretty much saved me on Friday.(I made her carry the heavy stuff lol but I ended up loading it up three flights of stairs on Sat.)

We didn't get the people or the sales that we hoped but did meet some really cool people and have a nice new shirt! We are happy this past weekned is over and are getting ready for Thanksgiving. I have uploaded some pics from the event.

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