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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Puregoddess Pens!

Hello everyone,

I am very excited about our new Puregoddess pens! They are very chic in a nice hot pink and black pen barrel. It features a nice click top and also a very comfortable grip handle. The pen has blue ink and also features our Puregoddess name and our heart design. They sell for $2.00 each or get a pack of 4 for $5.00. Everyone who has one loves them!

We also have our new custom flyer that Troy designed! They look fabulous and very chic. I have posted some pics below so go check them out.

Fall is coming very fast so we are working hard on getting our fall line up.

Stay tuned!



  1. Hey chick, i really like yours too, i am following you :) I hope you've had a great new year too and hope it goes great for the rest of it and lots of happy blogging! =D xx

  2. Thanks girl I have! Here's to a great new year for us both!