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Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to Clean out Your Closets and Update Your Wardrobe

Now that we are in a new year it seems we are always needing to clean out our closets and drawers for clutter. With the new year upon us we should always start fresh with newly organized closets and dresser drawers. If you are living in a small space like I am and space is very limited learning to organize your closet and drawers is essential.

The first step in organizing your closet is to first clean it out, get rid of things that are hiding in corners or hanging on top of one another. The one year rule applies here meaning if you have not managed to squeeze into it or worn it in over a year get rid of it! I know it hurts especially if there is still a tag on it but trust me it must go. Even if you lose the 20 pounds needed to fit into it, you will want something new anyway once you drop the weight. Make three piles of stuff, throw out, donate and keep. Once you have delegated where your items go you can then start the real fun part.

Separate your items into fall, winter, summer and spring. If you are in the fall time you do not need your summer items taking up space in your closet especially if you have limited space. Buy some nice clear storage crates and neatly fold and store your out of season items.

You can arrange by color light to dark from left to right. Put all of your tops together and your pants together. This will help you to find your clothing items much quicker. Another thing you can do is organize your clothes by occasion, such as work clothes, workout, everyday and formal. Now your closet is looking great and organized with your winter and fall wardrobe.

Everything is easy and accessible for you to find. Another tip is to make sure your shoes and accessories are also organized by season and those not used stored away in boxes. This will help you to bring in the new season and also keep yourself well organized and ready for your day!

Happy organizing,

Puregoddess Apparel

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